Harvest 2017 almost over !

    Its been an interesting harvest weather wise but for us very good on yields.  Overall we have been very pleased with it being quite noticeable that as soil health has improved the crops seem to be more resilient to the usual extremes of weather.  I was very worried about some of the second wheats (or wheat following a previous wheat crop) as we had a very dry spring which put the crop under a great deal of pressure but my fears were mainly unfounded as they did exceptional well.  We had the odd minor disaster, we always do in farming, but for us we try and push the boundaries of what we do every year and try something new; I will not be direct drilling combining peas again as we have fifty acres of basically nothing after that experiment.  The important thing is know why you have failed so at least you don’t do it again !  Winter beans have done very well for us as the season was perfect for them; drought in the spring stressed them into flowering early then summer rainfall filled the pods, in places their yield has been exceptionally good.

    The real star of the year has been the haulage boys as we would have been bursting at the seems if we hadn’t had the ability to shift produce off farm in a wet year.


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