Drilling spring barley with the Sumo DD April-15

    Drilling spring barley into a standing mustard cover crop with the Sumo DD single disc opener direct drill.  We’ve done some 250 acres with the drill having been to see Sumo last year and discussing the concept with them.  Very pleased with what the drill has achieved as it disturbs very little ground, places the seed just in the moisture and at a good depth and Sumo as a company are first rate.  Many thanks to Marcus and Robert for all their help and sorry about tearing up your pre-production coulters!

    I will try and update this as the crop comes on but I’m quite hopefully that it will be a good result.

    Condor direct drilling spring barley April-15

    After some extensive mods from Suffolk Agri and Amazone finally getting a much better result on the drill in that the coulters are penitrating now.  This is on first year no-tilled ground which is always tricky and into an overwintered mustard cover crop.  Not sure if the mustard was ideal for this as the ground took a long time to dry out after the cover crop was sprayed off in Febuary and there seems to be not much natural tilth in the top……just hard actually but its a reasonable job and hopefully will be okay.  We have some better ideas for next years cover crops in this situation.