A brief outline of our approach to Regenerative Agriculture

    The directors and staff at Griffin are very committed to the benefits that can be gained long-term from looking after our best recourse; soil. Regenerative agriculture or conservation agriculture as its sometimes referred to is a broad church encompassing many differing approaches to what is a complex subject. Having been involved in most aspects of this more soil friendly way of farming we are more than aware of both the staggering benefits and conversely the unexpected downsides that can occur when things don’t go to plan. Our experience has taught us that the relationship between soil organic matter and profit is both real and sometimes elusive in the short term. Its very easy to just fall back to established ways despite the overwhelming evidence that long term this is only going to have one outcome, less resilience within the farming system. Our approach has developed into a pragmatic way forward where we are realistic in our aims; accepting that long term goals can only be achieved when the risks and rewards can be appreciated.

    Below are some links to interesting articles on the subject.